Fees and limits

In all transparency, consult our fees and limits for all your operations from your Keplerk wallet.

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Purchase BTC
Fees for the purchase of Bitcoin*
Ticket or eTicket worth 150 € 4.95%
Ticket or eTicket worth 100 € 5,5%
Ticket or eTicket worth 50 € 7,0%
Daily 2.500€
Monthly 10.000€
Sell BTC
Fees related to the sale of Bitcoin
KEPLERK fees 3% excluding mining costs paid by customers
Minimum amount 50€
Maximum amount 2500€ / operation
In accordance with the GTC, Keplerk reserves the right to limit access to the bitcoin redemption service. The frequency or volumes of operations may possibly require the provision of additional information from the user.
Transfer from Wallet to Wallet/BTC-BTC
Free without mining fees**
Account opening
Monthly service fee (first 3 months offered)

*(Price is indexed on Bitfinex)

The mining costs make it possible to remunerate the people offering the computer power necessary for the operation of the blockchain. When requesting a transaction on the blockchain, the fees are defined by the issuer of the order. The value of these motivates the priority of processing and confirmation on the blockchain. The higher the fees, the more the miners are interested in managing the registration of the transaction.

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